Why you should learn HTML before diving into any programming language.

Html stands for the hypertext markup language, its uses in developing webpages with few more additional help from CSS language. Using HTML and CSS we can make powerful, advance and responsive webpages mostly nowadays you can see in blogs.  

Html is not a programing language because using HTML we can’t build any program. All we can design some webpages. So there is a difference between building programs and creating webpages.

But I still suggest every new student need to learn HTML before diving into any other language.

It’s almost from a half-decade I’m working as a computer trainer and trained more than 30-40K students.  But most of the time I faced the same problem over and over when it comes to teaching programming to the new students they really got confused about programming.

The very first confusing thing is “how we can make an app or program just by writing a few things?”

So here HTML shows a good role to that how you can run or create something just by writing something.

Html is simple with a few syntaxes and mostly text-based so teachers can teach HTML so students can get the idea of programming.

Writing “Hello world” in HTML.



                        <title> Here you can write your title</title>


            <body> Hello world </body>


Now you might think that in python is much simpler.

Print (“hello world”)

But python has much more other syntaxes which students can find hard later. So still HTML is a good choice.

In other languages like C or C++ you still need to write more characters and need to remember lots of syntaxes to write this “hello world” program.

Conclusion: – HTML is one of the simple and powerful languages for creating web pages and also is a perfect entry point for newcomers who wants to dive into programming.

Biplab Das

My name is Biplab Das. I’m a writer, Blogger, Youtuber and full time IT support engineer whose childhood obsession with science fiction never quite faded. A quarter-century later, the technology that I coveted as a kid is woven into the fabric of everyday life. I’ve spent the past years to learn these technologies, I recently published a book on computer science fundamentals. People say smartphones are boring these days, but I think everyone is beginning to take this wonderful technology marvel for granted.

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