Why Chrome remote Desktop is the next big thing for remote support.

When it comes to accessing computers remotely then the only name comes first on our mind is THE Teamviewer. Yes, that is an industry-standard remote app using by over a million peoples and most of the IT departments only use Teamviewer or provide remote support over Teamviewer to their consumers.

So you got an initial idea here that Teamviewer is best and we only need to use it for remote support. But actually “NO”, because everything around us has Pros and Cons, no matter what is it.

Teamviewer has lots of Pros. So I won’t talk about that but I will talk about the Cons.


1. It might be Expensive (If You are a Small Firm).

2. Teamviewer need to download separately on both Support/Consumers devices before using it.

3. All devices cant run TeamViewer (like Older MAC OS, at least need 10.11…. higher).

4. You can run TeamViewer on Raspberry Pi but it won’t run properly because of lower RAM.

5. Only one user can use at a time ( if you have 3 team members then you won’t be able to run all at once on a single license).

From the above points, you already got an idea about the Cons.

Yes, TeamViewer could be expensive for you, if you a small firm or a new start-up, because when you start a new company there are very few possibilities that you are making money or profit from your business so $49 is might be a headache for you.

Teamviewer is a Standalone software, so you need to install the TeamViewer on each device for using it. But not everyone has powerful hardware and I know that there are still some peoples using some computer with 2Gigs of RAM, and if you are using Windows on that PC then you are already running slow. So remote desktop is almost impossible to run using TeamViewer on that kind of PC.

And especially the Raspberry Pi, many tech enthusiasts use Pi for lots of projects, and if they are running any Linux distro on it they can do that but still when it comes to run TeamViewer on it its freezes all the time because of lower end CPU.

Moreover, apart from the hardware, there are also a few limitations on software like older MAC cant Run the TeamViewer, you at least need 10.11.. higher, and also Chromebook cant Run Teamviewer.

And the last cons is the Teamviewer basic plan is only let you use the Teamviewer one at a time, so if you have 2-3 users on the line for remote support then you can only do one by one.

The second name comes on our mind is Anydesk. I don’t use it and even used it a few times only. That Anydesk is good, cheap and easy to use.

But Teamviewer and Anydesk both will cost you the money. And I want to talk about free software.

So here I can only suggest everyone use Chrome Remote desktop.

There are lots of good things on Chrome Remote desktop. Like

1. It’s free.

2. No apps installation ( Only a Browser plugin and a minimal auto installation).

3. Works Directly from Browser.

4. It’s lite so Woks on any Raspberry Pi.

5. The only way to provide remote support on Chromebooks.

The Chrome Remote desktop is free, there are no charges required for using it. Its also lite and it directly works from any browser, it doesn’t mean that you will need only Chrome browser fro using it.

There is no extra installation needed for using the Chrome Remote desktop. All you need to install the plugin on the browser and there will be minimal auto-installation.

It is lite so you can use it on any devices, even if you have any raspberry Pi with 2gigs RAM you can still run this without having any issues. Moreover, there are no limitations on OS versions for using Chrome Remote desktop.

How to setup.

All you need to do just visit this link

Then there are 2 options “Get Support”, “Give support”. Get support means if anyone wants to connect to your PC or Give support is if you want to connect anyone’s PC. You have to click on those download Icon for adding the plugins.  

Click Accept & Install.

Remote Access Is for if anyone wants to access your PC. You have to TURN ON the remote desktop from here.

Get Support “Generate Code” is by sharing this code others can connect to your PC.

Remote Access. Here you can Set your Computers name and also can set a password.

And You can also disable the Remote Access on your devices.

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