What will be the future of youtube?

Youtube is the most popular entertainment platform for all kind of audience. Kids, adults, senior and it also carries all kind of videos, tech, education, cooking, traveling, gaming, etc.

As of my personal survey, I have found most of the smartphone users spends 3-4 hours a day on streaming videos from their phone.

But what kind of videos they stream?

I have seen all types of users, some of them stream gaming videos, some of stream cooking videos, some of the stream technical or educational videos, etc. so you can’t get the proper idea about which type of videos peoples mostly stream its depends on users choices.

But since I have started watching youtube, I have seen its growth and changes. At the inception the youtube was only used by official big brands like Hollywood trailer, Bollywood trailer, movie dialogs, etc then when individual creators started joining and uploading their own videos the taste has been changed. Because most of the individual creators came up with their own ideas which were mostly creating new things or some informative educational videos. Then technology entered on youtube. After creators start making technical videos youtube got more push and more people started stream youtube videos on a regular basis.

Technology is something that most of the peoples want to learn, understand and wants to go deep inside of it. Even I have learned the whole computer science from youtube. I never went to any college even I’m dropped out of college but as my profession, I’m a full time IT guy. So here youtube gets huge respect from my side.

, What will be the future of youtube?, TechRX

Like me, there are millions of peoples who learned various of things from various creators. So youtube is mean to teach us new things.

Youtube is also one of the best platforms for business, there are thousands of YouTubers whos full-time job is youtube. So it is also like freelancing.

So what would be future of youtube?

This is one of the biggest questions on my mind.

As I mentioned above that growth of the youtube is so fast with billions of users and its getting higher day by day. Apart from music videos or some funny videos, there are much more views on educational videos. So the future of the youtube will be an educational streaming site. This is the only platform where creators can show their skills independently.


  • , What will be the future of youtube?, TechRX

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