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What is cURL? and How to Install It on your Computer.

If you are using Linux from sometimes you may have noticed a command called cURl. But you are not sure “what is cURL” and “what is do”?

What is cURL?

cURL command uses for mostly transferring data using various network protocols. It supports several protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and many more. HTTP/HTTPS makes it a great candidate for interacting with APIs!

For example, in simple words, you often have seen that something you are trying to download and install something on your Linux PC using Terminal or web have seen this cURL command.

It is the crucial command to dig into the software repositories for downloading the software directly from the terminal.

Where to use cURL?

cURL can be used only using terminal and you download software or any document if you have the API key.

How to enable cURL?

There are very simple steps for installing cRUL if it’s not installed on your computer. For example, I’m doing this on my Ubuntu 20.04 and the cURL available on Ubuntu Repository.

All I need to do, fire-up my terminal and

sudo apt update

So now everything is updated on your computer and the next command you have to enter is

sudo apt install curl

And it will start installing the right way. As it is not GUI so the only way to check the cURL using the terminal by entering

curl –version

and if it’s successfully installed then you will see something like this…..

And it is done.

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