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The Google Play store is full of exciting games and app. If you dig in the google play store and spend some times searching for apps, you can find very useful apps for your daily usage. But who has that much time for searching apps? So do not fear, I’m here.

Today I’m going to talk about some productive, utility. So let’s DIG in.

The very first app I liked most on this list. This app for all PUBG gamers. The app called WEGAME a utility app for all PUBG gamers and it’s very useful (I’m using it).

The app will need authorizing with PUBG after that you are ready to go. In the app you can see all your PUBG matches score (first to last), kills, damages etc and the very important thing is you can see all your online friends and even you can turn on for notification for specific friends, so when they come online you will get notification, from now you don’t need to open whole PUBG game for check which friends are online.

, Top utility APPS., TechRX

The next app for those who like books. And here I’m telling you about the storytel. Story Tel is an online book library with over 1lakh both audio/ebooks in 6 different languages with over 1million active user worldwide.

This app lets you read all the books and when you get bored of reading you can switch to audio mode. And even you can download the stories so you can enjoy it later in offline mode.

The app gives you 14days trial so if you will buy that it will charge you Rs. 299/- per month and Rs.879/- per 3 months.

, Top utility APPS., TechRX

The third app I will talk about an Auto Responding app from WP. This gives auto-reply in WhatsApp messages. For example, in the morning you may wake up late but if someone gives you a message like “GOOD Morning” here you can set an auto-reply like “Good Morning to you” or anything. And you can even select any particular contact for the auto-reply. There is also a pro version for doing more with that app.

, Top utility APPS., TechRX

The next app is for social media users which are called FEED LIST. The app shows all your social media newsfeed in this single app but as it is in beta version so its only support Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, for now, I wish they would also support Instagram but they are not.

, Top utility APPS., TechRX

Conclusion:- technology made our life easy, fast and productive. Like the above-mentioned APPS which makes your works reliable and fast in the easiest way.


  • , Top utility APPS., TechRX

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