Top music streaming app in INDIA.

No matter in which mode you are now and any other time, music is always there in our celebrations, joy even when we get sad or upset. But when it comes to storing music, it’s almost impossible for me to do that. Because I don’t use SD card and most phones have only hybrid SD card slot so storing music in SD card like old days is a mess. 

So today I’m telling you about the some best online Music app in INDIA. 

, Top music streaming app in INDIA., TechRX

Data is cheap in India so streaming music online is not an issue. There are multiple music services available in India like GAANA, SAAVN, and SPOTIFY recently launched in India. 

1.Spotify:- Spotify is the biggest and best music streaming app in the industry with over millions of users across the world. The Spotify has one of the biggest music libraries. Spotify is fast and compares with any other music service it is affordable, and you can use it without paying anything but you will have to face adds.

, Top music streaming app in INDIA., TechRX

2. Gaana:- Gaana is a well-known music service in India. Gaana has also a good music library with multiple songs languages and it’s affordable.

, Top music streaming app in INDIA., TechRX

3. Saavn (jio):-Saavn is also in the industry from a long time and now jio music merged with Saavn so if you search about savaan in play store you will get Jio Saavn.

, Top music streaming app in INDIA., TechRX

4. Wynk Music:- Airtel has their music service called Wynk and its free if you have an airtel sim card and recharge every month then you will get the free subscription. But I don’t recommend anyone to use Wynk music because of its slow and damn buggy.

, Top music streaming app in INDIA., TechRX

So if I need to give marks on each Music Service I will give Spotify 4.5 out of 5 because of its huge music library and best music shuffle algorithm, for Gaana I will give 4 out of 5 because very good Indian languages music library, Saavn jio I will also give 4 out of 5 for same reasons and Wynk will get 2.5 out of 5 because of very buggy app.     


  • , Top music streaming app in INDIA., TechRX

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