The best piece of tech i owened in 2019.

2019 is almost ending and I’m looking into all the gadgets or techs which we found in 2019. There are lots of gadgets I brought in 2019 even I don’t remember all the names. But the best piece of tech I owned in 2019 is my APC UPS.

I have already reviewed this UPS so you can read it here.

Nature can be versatile all the time rain, hot & cold anything can happen but in those situations power cut is normal.

In my city, electricity departments cut power in extreme natural conditions but that power goes down for a few hours, as soon as the condition of nature goes stable the electricity comes back.

So you can understand that power interruption in my city is a few hours’ stories. So I decided to not spend lots of money on any fancy solar system or an inverter.

Meanwhile, I found this UPS in amazon, there are multiple models of UPS there on different price points and different specs. I found the APC UPS 1100 is best for me from both price and specs.

, The best piece of tech i owened in 2019., TechRX

I need to run my 2 laptops always and also my Routers and this UPS can run all these gadgets for more than 1hour. And if I don’t run my router and only use it for charging my laptops then I can juice my both laptops 0 to 100% twice.

The APC UPS 1100 is strong enough to run the whole day, it has its own cooler so it never hits up.


  • , The best piece of tech i owened in 2019., TechRX

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