Samsung NOTE10. A first 2digit note without the headphone jack.

Ever you thought about a 6.9inch phone? Few years’ backs we supposed to call Phablet which phones go over 6inch but now it’s no more there. We are getting bigger, better and powerful phones. And today I will talk about the biggest galaxy you have ever seen.

Samsung has suddenly shown their galaxy NOTE10+, NOTE10 a first 2digit note with some surprises.

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Reading specs is kinda boring job instead let me tell you those things which are new in this newer NOTEs.

1)    This is the biggest Galaxy you have ever seen, along with smaller version NOTE10 but that cuts some of the features so peoples are going focus on bigger NOTE10 +.

2)    Bigger NOTE10 comes with a 4300Mah battery which can be refiled by a fastest 25W charger, and now you can use this Galaxy note for refile your Galaxy buds or Watch as it finally got the reversible wireless charging.

3)    You are getting the same camera array from Galaxy S10+ but the NOTE only features a single selfie camera.

4)    Now you can do more with the S-pen. Like last you saw some air gesture using S-pen now Samsung has expanded its capacity now you can do almost anything with your camera using S-pen.

5)    Hearts are broken of almost everyone that Samsung has removed 3.5mm Headphone jack.

6) You can’t find the power button on the right side of the phone even there is not button on the right side. the old Bixby key is now can be map for other apps and finally Samsung let you disable Bixby. for shutting down the phone press the Bixby key along with volume rocker or you can turn off the phone from the notification shell.

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The galaxy notes always bring up the productivity for creators, bigger screen, larger battery and an S-pen which helps day to day work easy and productive. NOTEs are always as powerful as other flagship devices, you can play games, take very good pictures, etc

There is only one manufacturer who has 2 flagship lineup one is S and the other one is NOTE. And Samsung handling both line up well.

Moreover, take a look at the specs Meanwhile, it will be a $1000 smartphone and we have to wait to full depth review.

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