Revolt RV-400. The future of electric bike in India.

Revolt RV 400 – eco-friendly motorcycle at an affordable price with good looks.

August 28, the final date for the commercial launching of India’s first electric motorcycle by Revolt intellicorp, The RV400 after unveiling on 19th June. 

Bike or motorcycle is one of the most important vehicles of our daily life. A good transportation system around the world. Bike or motorcycle runs on fuels like Petrol or diesel but there is one type of bike or motorcycle are now popular around the world is electric one that powered the engine by its rechargeable battery which is more eco-friendly than the others like petrol or diesel motorcycles and the other vehicles that we used regularly basis. The former co-founder and CEO of Micromax informatics Rahul Sharma have established a new start-up “Revolt intellicorp“. On 19th June 2019, as a start-up company Revolt intellicorp unveiled its first electric two-wheeler motorcycle, The Revolt RV 400. The Revolt RV 400 a smart motorcycle comes with some of the new unique features like geo-fencing, real-time location, remote start function via mobile, OTA Up-date supports and lots more.

              The revolt RV 400 claimed to be India’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) motorcycle that enables to learn from its own riding experience and provide better performance over time. The Revolt RV400 has an embedded 4G LTE SIM which allows to control it through the internet via a smartphone app. The company offered a Revolt app available on android’s Google Play Store and IOS Apple store, though which ridder can monitor or control your RV400. The App offered some unique feature through Bluetooth, like Battery level, Swipe left to right to start your motorcycle, locate your motorcycle, trip history, Real-time battery indicator, shows estimated range, geo-fencing, order battery at your place, finding nearest swap station and lots more.

              As an ARAI certified, The Company offered a range of 156 km’s per charge and an 85 Km/h of top speed. The lithium-ion battery gets charged fully in just four hours with its 15W socket charging port. Revolt RV400 comes up with a four-way battery charging facility like a plug-in to your home or remove the battery and charge at your place or swap at your nearest swap station or order the battery to your convenience place.

              On Design and looks, RV400 come up with an aggressive look. Revolt 400 has a LED headlamp, projector lamp, and side lamps, two 17-inches six-spoke alloy wheels with front and rear Disk brakes with CBS as standard. While rear has a single mono-shock and front has a dual upside-down shock suspension and single-channel ABS for more safety. A full LCD dashboard looks quite good on this motorcycle with features like a big speedometer, battery percentage, and temperature, and shows three types of ridding mode Eco, Normal, and Sport, etc. A dedicated USB Type-A mobile charging port available on the left handlebar.

August 28, the final date for the commercial launching of India’s first electric motorcycle by Revolt intellicorp, The RV400 after unveiling on 19th June. After unveiling the company opened Pre-booking facilities for customers to book their motorcycles with an amount of Rs. 1000 via the company official website and Amazon.in. As from the company said, The Revolt RV400 will be first available in Delhi, after that within three to four-month the motorcycle will also available in NCR, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.

The Revolt RV400 is available in two color, Red and Black. On the pricing point of view, The company didn’t unveil the price of the RV400 an all-electric motorcycle. So it’s assumed that the price will be around Rs. 1.20 Lakh including 5% G.S.T.

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