Oneplus Concept One. CES2020 with a “disappearing” Camera.

The one plus concept one is the first phone of 2020 that we have seen in CES 2020. But this CES 2020 is kinda like a showcase of concept devices. So we are not sure that all the products will launch soon. 

Already there are lots of gadgets we have seen this year and I will cover that later in another article. But I can’t stop to tell you about this new future concept mobile phone. Because 

People say smartphones are boring these days, but I think everyone is beginning to take this wonderful technology marvel for granted.

Last night in CES 2020, Oneplus is here with a concept phone called “Oneplus Concept 1”. So why its call “concept”? let’s dig in

, Oneplus Concept One. CES2020 with a “disappearing” Camera., TechRX

So basically, under the hood, there is one plus 7t pro with a premium body in Mclaren Edition. The phone design is inspired by McLaren 720s supercar. The back of the phone is covered by papaya orange lather with stitches. But the gold frame on the concept one has some tech behind it. Normally flagship smartphones come with stainless still or aluminum body but here the concept one Oneplus has started to use this new technique called (PVD) Physical vapor deposition, in this process, they convert solid gold into vapor and its stick to the phones frame rim and then its come solidly again. 

But the main reasons to call it concepts a disappearing and reappearing camera on the back. 

“Concept One is claimed to be the first smartphone to feature an electrochromic glass panel, which can turn transparent or opaque to reveal or hide the rear cameras.”

the camera lenses are completely occluded under a bare strip of dark glass until you turn the camera on. Three holes quickly appear so that you can take photos. When the camera app closes, the glass goes dark again. Is it a cool year because the glass does something beyond looking cool. 

, Oneplus Concept One. CES2020 with a “disappearing” Camera., TechRX

The electrochromic glass on the OnePlus Concept One contains organic particles that react to current, to shift to the desired state. Besides this party trick, it also serves a practical purpose as the glass is said to double up as a polarising filter for the cameras when shooting under a very harsh light. This is implemented in the camera app in pro mode and allows for a lower ISO and longer shutter.

This was inspired by McLaren’s 720S Spider sports car, which features a retractable hard-top with the same kind of electrochromic material that can be switched between tinted and transparent states.

But I still have many questions about this phone.

  • Why do we need to hide our cameras under the hood? We already have multiple cameras on a minimalistic design as we can see in galaxy note 10, Oneplus 7 and even in my Xiaomi K20 Pro. 
  • “The electrochromic glass on the OnePlus Concept One, This is implemented in the camera app in pro mode, and allows for a lower ISO and longer shutter.”  if you use this camera on pro mode then the glass reduce the ISO so low ISO means low light and low light will capture fewer data and less data means low-quality photo. 
  • The concept one is a limited premium edition device but still, it will cost you more because of the gold frame. Gold is not good for phones because it’s easy to get scratched, it increases device wight and makes the device more costly. 

In the end, this is just a prototype/concept device and its hard to tell that if it’s coming to the market or not. 

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