Mivi ThunderBeats wireless headphones! Review

The headphone is one of the essential gadgets currently on the market, no matter what phone or laptop you are using, you have a headphone. 

There are a few types of headphones available.

  1. On-ear headphone.
  2. Over-ear headphone.
  3. In-ear headphone.
  4. Earbuds.
  5. And Bluetooth headphones. 

Yes, there are multiples choices. Now there are thousands of choices of headphones on different pricings. I have a couple of different headphones including JBL, Realme, Oneplus, etc and now I tried MIVI

About MIVI:-

MIVI is an India company They started up Seminole Electronics Private Limited, and launched the ‘Mivi’ brand to redefine the electronics market and be the “go-to” brand for consumers through quality and technology differentiation at a value-plus price. Named after the founders – (Mi)dhula and (Vi)swanadh – Mivi sells cables, chargers, custom and designer cases, tempered glass, power banks, car accessories, and audio products such as earphones and headphones.

Read more at https://yourstory.com/2018/03/barely-3-years-launching-mivi-vijayawada-couple-clocking-rs-30-crore-revenue-year

So I brought MIVI ThunderBeats Bluetooth Earphones on prime day sale. There were discounts so I got this on Rs. 899/- and current pricing is Rs. 1299/-.

  • Unboxing: – there are no lots of stuff in the box so it’s pretty simple. Inside the box the first thing you get a card which is also for active your warranty and the headphone itself and some ear hooks and ear tips and one manual guide. 
wireless headphone
mivi thunderbeat wireless headphones

The very first thing I noticed the quality, its cheap and it feels cheap but the story doesn’t end here. Because the sound quality is very good. 

  • Built: – as I already mentioned that it feels cheap. The outside speaker cover made of plastic and surface is magnetic with MIVI branding and it’s big and heavy. The wires are also cheap. Overall if I have to rate out of 10, I would give it 7. 
mivi thunderbeat
  • Sound: – The sound quality is pretty good; I never expected this kind of sound quality on just this price range. The sound is smooth, the bass is also good but it’s not that much loud. Overall if I have to rate out of 10, I would give it 9. 
  • Conclusion: – the Mivi Thunderbeats are good product comes with very aggressive pricing. It sounds really good, it comes with very good battery backup which can run 6-7hours, it’s got Bluetooth 5 and the main thing it’s an Indian Brand

I do this MIVI ThunderBeats recommend each everyone who is looking for Bluetooth headphones with great sound, better connectivity on cheap pricing. 

Biplab Das

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