Lenovo Yoga C930. A laptop for everyone.

In this cutting edge technology days, the phones are really popular for getting your job done. But when it comes to more power or organized platform of work without compromising the portability the laptops are on the top for insanely power and productive.

But we have many types of laptops for gaming, editing, browsing and 2 in 1. I have to appreciate that Microsoft is doing great with their surface lines in 2 in 1 laptop market. But when it comes to choosing from another company we all remember the Lenovo Yoga series.

Lenovo Yoga is a series of laptops which deliver productive powerful performance in a convertible laptop. If we little bit digs into the history the first yoga series was introduced in CES2012 the Lenovo Ideapad yoga 13.

So in this article, I’m going talk about Lenovo yoga c930, powerful modern hardware that never disappoint you.

Let’s dig in.

The yoga C930 comes with great hardware.

    13.9 inch full HD display.

    Intel I7-8550U CPU.

    12GB DDR4 Ram.

    256GB SSD.

The C930 has a full HD touch screen display, each time you power on your yoga and just imagine the clarity of windows 10 colors. It will be so satisfying to use the colorful windows 10 in a chirps touch screen display.

Under the hood, you are getting a very power Intel i7-8550U processor which can deliver great performance with efficiency. But the yoga C930 doesn’t have any dedicated graphics which can disappoint gamers but you can still play many games and 12GB of DDR4 Ram and build in SSD which is not so big but still have a 256GB SSD will help you to never slow down. You might think that these are not great reasons to call this yoga a great laptop but hold on let me tell you more things.

1.    This laptop also comes with a stylus which you can’t find outside of the laptop because there is a pocket for stylus inside the laptops just like the galaxy note phones.

2.    From the port side, this laptop comes with an only USB-3.0A, 2 thunderbolt, and a headphone jack.

As I mentioned before that no dedicated graphics card but you can still use this laptop for heavy gaming by attaching external graphics card using that thunderbolt port and also the charger inside the box which is also USB C.

3.    The yoga series is known for convertible laptops and you can still flip the screen and use this as a tablet mode. This is not a new thing but the new thing is the soundbar. Lenovo devices are known for their Dolby Atmos speaker and in this laptop, the soundbar also flips whenever you flip the screen. So I think Lenovo has done great work with this yoga book as they did before. This is the quick look about this Yoga C930.


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