Hyundai NEXO a hydrogen fuel car you might ride in the future.

, Hyundai NEXO a hydrogen fuel car you might ride in the future., TechRX
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The few couples of years back we can find hardly few articles on cars because there was nothing new except speed and design. But now the car has also become the ultimate tech with some modern technologies which we can’t miss.

Electric cars, self-driving cars have already become an old story so let’s talk about hydrogen fuel cars.

Let’s dig in.

If you google how hydrogen car works then you will find this

A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) is a vehicle powered by an electric motor. … Hydrogen is fed into the anode and the cathode is exposed to air (oxygen source). The anode causes the release of electrons from the hydrogen which travels towards the positive cathode to create an electric current.

And about the engine

Like an internal-combustion engine, they make power by using fuel from a tank (though the fuel is pressurized hydrogen gas rather than gasoline or diesel). But, unlike an engine, a fuel cell doesn’t burn the hydrogen. Instead, it’s fused chemically with oxygen from the air to make water.

So I think I don’t need to explain this all and let’s talk about the car.

The hydrogen fuel car like the Hyundai NEXO raveled in CES 2018. It’s a car that runs on hydrogen.

The very first thing you might think that hydrogen is not safe. Actually, I must say that any fuel is dangerous if we mishandle it.

So in this car, Hyundai has done great work with safety they understand the risk and handle it properly.

The car is equipped with 3 tanks of hydrogen, each tank has the capacity of 14gallons hydrogen and 10000psi. And Hyundai has tasted the car with a crash, burn and even Toyota has tasted with shoot with a rifle to penetrate but all this taste has passed by the tanks. Hyundai’s tanks are made of carbon fiber as the company said. And Hyundai automatic computer system sealed all the tanks if it finds any shock or anything like this.

, Hyundai NEXO a hydrogen fuel car you might ride in the future., TechRX

The hydrogen cars have some benefits and also some disadvantages. Like hydrogen cars are new in the industry so there are only a few hydrogen stations available and refueling hydrogen is cost more than the refueling gas or the electricity. And on the benefit side, the hydrogen cars are easy and fast to refuel, you can refill 3 tanks fully in just 12 to 15 minutes where electric cars need 40mints to charge the car for next 200 to 250mile even with the supercharger.

The hydrogen car technology has a bright future if they manufacture more cars, build new refueling station and reduce the price of hydrogen.

And the most important thing is it doesn’t harm the environment. 

So this is the quick talk about the Hydrogen NEXO which you might ride sometime in the future.


  • , Hyundai NEXO a hydrogen fuel car you might ride in the future., TechRX

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