Huawei Ban.

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Ban of Huawei is not new news more, you already heard about it. Why, how and who rebuked their support from Huawei. So I’m not going to speak about that.

Huawei is a tech giant, they not only make phones but even it is also a tiny part of their business. Huawei is the second largest phone seller just after the Samsung, and if you have seen their phone you could understand how innovative they are.

But what will happen to Huawei after the ban? Yeah, it’s a big question almost everyone has.

As per ban that OEM’s from the USA cannot work with Huawei like Google rebuked their support of Android, Intel won’t ship chipsets in Huawei laptops, also Broadcom won’t ship their network board and Huawei can’t use windows on their laptops.

So here you can see that particular problem Huawei will face that about the Operating System. Huawei can make their own hardware, only some of the hardware they import from USA even Huawei make their own chip so for the hardware they don’t depend on other OEM’s.

, Huawei Ban., TechRX

When it comes to OS, you might think that Huawei still can use Android in their phones because android is an open source project. Yes, Android is an open source project Huawei still can use android but without google apps, and android without google apps like a car without an engine.

Now the only challenge for Huawei to make an alternative OS of android and develop their own app store.

It isn’t so hard for a tech giant like Huawei but still, there are some problems that Huawei will face like they can’t clone native google apps like youtube.

In the end, Huawei has only 90days support from Google to fix each issue on their current phone, but Huawei promised to release security patches but you can’t upgrade your OS.

Lets see what will be the future of Huawei.


  • , Huawei Ban., TechRX

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