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How To Use The Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder?

You all already know that apart from this blog I’m also doing YouTube with the same name as etechwall. You can visit the link and hit the subscribe button if you like my content. 

So if you see my videos you will find out all those videos I make by screen recording and I use OBS for recording videos on both Linux and Windows. 

But here I found some interesting things. As we know that we have already a built-in screen-recorder on windows which you can turn on by pressing the Start+G key at the same time. But is there something in Linux? 

Yes, Gnome desktop has a built-in Screen-recorder but that is so limited. So before we dive into that let me tell you the Cons:-

1. There is no option for Pause the recorder, You can only Start and Stop this.

2. No GUI support, all you have to do using the terminal.

3. It records the entire window. 

4. It records the video on WebM format and there is no way to change it. 

For turning on the Gnome recorder all you need to do press

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R

And the recording will start right-way and you can see a tiny yellow dot on the top bar which means its recording. 

Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder, How To Use The Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder?, TechRX

For stop the recording again you have to press the same keys

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R

Not there is an issue. By default, it can only record the screen for 30seconds. But you can change that using this command 

gsettings set max-screencast-length 120 

Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder, How To Use The Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder?, TechRX

The number 120 you are seeing at the end of the code it’s mean I set it on 2minuts 60*2 =120. (must be on seconds)

You also change it and set any length but you must calculate it on seconds and if you set that on 0 

gsettings set max-screencast-length 0

So there will no duration about that, you have to stop it manually. 

The Gnome video recorder is useful for screens recording if you don’t have any other recorder installed. But you will have to give attention to this recorder.

This is a hidden feature of Gnome and I believe there will be more. I will keep digging and will comeback with and another article.


  • Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder, How To Use The Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder?, TechRX

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