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How to Upgrade Ubuntu from 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04.

In my previous article I already mentioned about I was having some error with Ubuntu 19 so I installed 18.04.4 but it was hard to digest for me. I just don’t like old things when there is already a newer version for that. So I decided to Upgrade into ubuntu 20.04 right from the software center.

The Ubuntu 19 is still not stable and it is beta the I just can’t wait till 23 April for the stable release. I know I may found some issues or bug but I trust Ubuntu.

So in this article, I will discuss. “How to upgrade from Ubuntu 18 to 20 right from the system update.” 

Go to all apps and search for Software & Updates

In the Updates tab, check that Notify me of a new Ubuntu version is set to “For long term support versions”

And once you correct the settings as above on the screenshot, fire-up your terminal and run the following commands

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

After running this command it will take some time to install and remove packages and it may ask for reboot the PC.

After rebooting now you have all necessary updates installed so again fire-up the terminal and run this following code

update-manager -d

And you will get a pop-up window and shown on above and click Upgrade.

And now its almost done, and the next steps are you need to too few clicks (check all images below) and then have to wait to download all packages for Ubuntu 20 and after that, you can reboot the PC and start using the new version.

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