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How To Uninstall Apps on Windows PC and Deep Clean Using Revo Uninstaller?

Uninstalling apps on windows is way easier than Linux but are you doing that correctly.

The answer might be 50/50 because most of the apps are fine if you only uninstall those from the Control Panel but there are still some apps like VPNs or antiviruses those kinds of apps always make a deep place on the Windows registry files. So, in this case, you might need some sort of cleaner for that.

But we will dive into that later and let me first show you how can you uninstall apps on your Windows Computers.

The very basic step is got to start menu and search for Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features and there you will see all apps listed which are installed on your PC. Just double click on the app which you want to uninstall and done. The uninstalling will start the right way.

The second step Is just go to start Menu> all apps and there you can see all the apps which are installed on your PC> just right click on the app (which you want to uninstall) >and select Uninstall.

By the above steps, you can see that it is so easy to uninstall apps on your Windows PC. But I only recommend these steps for casual apps. So when it comes to apps like antiviruses or any other Big apps I always recommend you all to use an app cleaner.

There are lots of app cleaner available on the market on both paid and free segments. But today I will tell you about Revo Uninstaller which is available on free and even Paid version.

I’m using Revo uninstaller from the last 4-5 years and I never paid to them as I only use their free version which doesn’t have any trial limit. Yes, there are lots of limitations on the features but still, you can get your work done by what they are offering free.


Revo Uninstaller helps you to uninstall the apps and also after uninstalling any apps you can Scan the leftover files and can delete them one by one. If you ever used the Revo Uninstaller for uninstalling any apps then you might notice that only single apps create hundreds of files on your windows Files-System in various folders.

So using Revo you can easily scan those folders and can delete all the leftover files one by one and after a reboot, you won’t see anything related to those apps (Which you uninstall) on you PC.

And this trick is useful because when it comes to some VPNs or Antivirus you must use Revo for uninstalling. Because all VPNs are not the same and they might not use the same network drivers and that the only cause of not able to establish a connection on VPN if you recently jumped from one provider to another.

Another feature I like on the Revo that this app can show you all the installed apps even hidden apps. Sometimes you might notice that some apps are mission on Control panel or it’s hidden, so using Revo uninstaller you can easily find that app and can uninstall.

So basically uninstalling apps on windows is simple, and even using Revo Uninstaller make easier to do that.

Biplab Das

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