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How to install Anyconnect in Linux?

As we know that mostly all the work we do in linux, we have to use terminal. So if you are new in linux you can get someone’s help or you can use this guide step by step as im mentioning. All the terminal codes i’m including here in text mode so you can just copy and paste in terminal.

So the very thing you have to do is download the setup file, you might think that you can download the setup file from Cisco website and easily, but its not gonna happen. Cisco is very strict to their policy so you need to verify your account and mainly they need a product code for verify your account (product code mean by if you bought anything from Cisco). So it is almost impossible to download the setup file.

Now you can visit to from here you can get the setup file.

1.Visit the website scroll down.

2. And click here.

3. After downloading the file navigate the downloaded file. As you can see my downloaded file is in desktop. So just extract the file here.


5. Now open the Terminal and type “cd Desktop/”.

6.Now type “cd anyconnect-linux64-4.7.01076/”.

7. Now navigate the “VPN” folder. By using “Cd VPN/”. Command

8. Now type “ls” if you want to see all the file.

9. Now type “sudo ./”. For installing the file.

9. Now open your Application menu and you can see the Cisco Anyconnect client has been installed into your PC.

10. Open the app.

11. We are supporting OpenConnect on two servers now officially. Japan and Hong Kong. Paste any of the server address and click on connect.

12. Now it will ask about your Username. Enter your username (registered email).

13.Now enter your password and done.

13. For any doubt visit to

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