The outbreak of (CORONAVIRUS) Covid-19 has exposed the world to a situation unlike any seen in this century. There is no sector left untouched by the effects of this pandemic. Companies have been facing the challenge to remain operating while caring about the health and safety of the employees.
Workplaces are where people spend most of their time. Therefore, safety precautions are mandatory if working in-house. As a situation like this has not been experienced during the current era corporations have no rulebooks to follow. The regulations and methods are still evolving, and best practices are being sought out. We provide here the official healthcare advice and precautions issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Covid-19 preventive measures in the workplace

1. Keep your distance

The first thing of vital importance is staying away from others. This way you will not breathe in particles if a person is infected. At essay service UK we restrict our employees in keeping a distance of 6ft on workplace premises. We also make sure that our space has proper ventilation for maintaining ample airflow.

2. Good hygiene

Having hygienic habits is always important and during the days of pandemics they can serve as effective weapons. Remind your employees to frequently wash hands and cover their nose and mouth while sneezing. Specifically with a tissue or the inside of their elbows. Monitor your own and your employee’s health daily and remain alert for any coronavirus symptoms. The symptoms include cough, fever, or shortness of breath, among others.

3.Cover your face

Face coverings are simple yet effective barriers to germs. They prevent aerosols or respiratory droplets from reaching other people. However, keep in mind that all face masks are not the same. They must be constructed out of two layers of fabric at least. It should be breathable, like cotton, but with no exhalation vents and valves.
It is vital to keep your face covered at all times in a workplace to protect others around you. You might be infected yet not showing any symptoms, so safety measures must be observed studiously. The risk of infection can be taken down drastically with this small prevention.

4. Covid coordinator

Companies should assign a coordinator at the workplace to monitor if safety rules are being followed. They will be responsible for any issues concerning the pandemic on the behalf of the administration.

5. Assess the hazards

Identify exactly where and how workers can be exposed to the virus at your workplace. At the UK assignment writing service, we hold healthcare meetings regularly to involve all our employees. This way everyone can be reminded of the existing safety measures and regulations. Alongside it, new tips and recommendations can be collected to create stronger measures.

6. Identify a combination of procedures to limit Covid-19

The preventive measures you issue through the workplace must control the pandemic while keeping in line with the hierarchy of controls. This means that controls should be prioritized in the order of most to least effective. Hazard elimination, policies of workplace administration, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment are some of them.
Here are a few examples of the guidelines which must be observed by all:
• Elimination of hazards by separating and sending back any potentially infected or infected people.
• Maintaining physical distance in all work areas.
• Installing barriers to enforce distancing.
• Making sure face coverings are being used.
• Improving ventilation systems of workplace buildings.
• Using protective equipment for securing everyone from virus exposure.
• Performing routine disinfection and deep cleaning.
• Providing all the essentials needed for good hygiene.

7. Create supportive practices and policies

Prioritize the protection of those employees who are at a higher risk of being infected from Covid. Elders and people who have serious chronic illnesses are more susceptible to catching the virus.
Any workers who have disabilities are also lawfully entitled to reasonable accommodations protecting them from contracting the disease. If feasible, companies must consider modifying the duties of workers who are at high risk. They should be allowed to do their job full-time or part-time from home where they will be less exposed. Or special areas should be built that avoid close contact and have adequate ventilation.

8. Educate and train your workers on Covid-19 policies

None of these measures can prove to be effective without a well-aware workforce. Communicate the procedures and policies you implement through an accessible and easy-to-understand format. All the rules and regulations must be conveyed clearly to every personnel working on the premises.
They must have full knowledge of the basic facts about the virus, including the ways it can spread. You must be able to get across the significance of social distancing, hygiene, and face masks. It is the company’s responsibility to keep track of who has been informed and who has not. And the latter should be made aware of the entire protocol as soon as possible.
Workers must understand the right they hold for a safe and healthy environment. They should know who should be contacted about any queries regarding the safety measures and protective equipment. Ensure that the supervisors are familiar with human resource policies and flexibilities to handle their teams in the best way.
9. Instruct workers to quarantine if infected
Anyone who is infected within a workplace should be asked to stay at home and quarantine. This is key to reduce the spread of the infection. The absence policies should not hold any conditions or docking of payments. Any policies which encourage a Covid-19 infected patient to attend work should be strongly disfavored.
According to worldwide medical health advisors and experts, Covid-19 is here to stay for quite a while. We are not going to be witnessing its elimination anytime soon. In order to survive and ensure the safety of their workers in a pandemic-ridden world companies must act. Preventive measures and procedures should come before any other workplace regulations. And employees must be treated with care and consideration. Only by holding a united front can we hold this fatal illness at bay.



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