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How to Fix Right Click Issue of Mouse & Touchpad on Ubuntu.

As a content creator, I have to use almost all Operating Systems for testing, and I don’t use those VM. Because I know that VM ‘s never give you the perfect results. So I have a dedicated PC (Laptop) which is Ryzen 5 2500U with 8Gigs of RAM and 120SSD, a pretty solid machine for running any Linux Distros.

So I was testing the Ubuntu 19.10 but literally, I found a serious issue with the Vega 8 IGPU, yes I had no time to deal with it so I decided to test it later and I installed Ubuntu 18.04.4.

Everything was running fine but then I noticed that Right-click on the mouse was not working,

I don’t use Ubuntu much so didn’t aware of this pretty common reason.

So first I checked the Synaptics mouse Drivers and it was fine and even I reinstalled. But the problem was not solved yet. So I decided to dig in a Ubuntu forum and found it easy to fix.

So if you also facing this issue just follow the steps and it will fix your issues in less than a minute.

first, you need to install the Gnome-tweaks from the Ubuntu App center or you can do that using terminal by the following command

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

now go to all apps and search for “tweaks” and open it

now click on “Keyboard and Mouse” and select “Area” on Mouse click Emulator.

And all done. Now you can test it and I’m 100% sure that right-click will work now.

And if it’s still not working just reboot the PC and retry. (all says reboot doesn’t make sense but yes it makes sense).

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