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How To Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk?

Facebook now allows users to delete posts in bulk: How to use this feature.

Facebook has come up with a new feature in the Activity Log that enables users to see all posts shared by them on Facebook.

It has various filters like date, check-ins, people, text updates, etc. which allows users to search posts, photos, videos, etc. to see a specific post from a particular topic or person.

But, the most important feature of the Activity Log is the option of selecting posts in bulk and deleting them. This makes it easier for users to manage their Facebook profile by deleting unwanted posts.

Deleting certain posts is better than deleting the entire Facebook account. Hence, this feature comes very handily if you want to clean junk from your profile without wasting a lot of time.

The feature is currently available for Android as well as IOS devices. It will be available for both Facebook and Facebook Lite.


Make sure you have installed the latest version of Facebook. Login credentials.

Read the step by step guide of how to use this feature.

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  • Open your profile page by tapping on your photo at the left top corner.
  • Tap on the Go To Activity button. If that button is not accessible, tap on the three dots, and go to Activity Log.
  • Tap on the Activity option and choose the filter according to your preference. This excludes other posts from the posts you want to delete.
  • Select all the multiple posts you want to delete by tapping on the boxes present.
  • Now tap on the Trash button to delete them. If you just want to hide them from your Facebook profile and not delete them, tap on the Archive button.

This new feature introduced by Facebook has made it extremely easy for users to delete their old posts. According to Facebook, this feature makes it easy for users to curate their profiles more accurately. It enables them to make changes to reflect on how they want to look today.

For example, someone might want to delete their old posts when they have started working full time or delete posts that remind them of their past relationships.

Nonetheless, this new feature from Facebook is surely going to change the way people manage their Facebook accounts.

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