How to access youtube ANONYMOUSLY? “NewPIPE” app review.

YOUTUBE is one of the biggest on-demand streaming services and every day we are using it to entertain us. Nowadays YOUTUBE is also one of the biggest platforms for learning new things. But YOUTUBE is a google product and google products need google play services for running and google play services store lots of our phone data virtually. It even needs access to our microphones too.

So, if you are a privacy-conscious person then you probably using YOUTUBE on the web browser because you don’t like that someone is storing your data for using the YOUTUBE app and a web browser lets you use YOUTUBE without login.

In android phones, you can’t use the official YOUTUBE app without login in, yes you will be able to open the app but it will now allow you to use that without login.

So, in this article, I will talk about an open-source YOUTUBE client (app) for android devices called NEWPIPE.

, How to access youtube ANONYMOUSLY? “NewPIPE” app review., TechRX

NewPIPE is an open-source Android YOUTUBE Client, which lets you use without login to any account and even you are getting few extra additional features than the regular android YOUTUBE client”.

NewPIPE is an open source app so it is free to use but you cant install this app from PlayStore. But it is still easy to download. All you need to go to their website and download the apk from there, but I suggest to install the F-droid store on your phone and you can install the NewPIPE app directly from F-droid store.

, How to access youtube ANONYMOUSLY? “NewPIPE” app review., TechRX
Go to the F-Droid website and install the F-droid APK and inside the F-droid store you can find the NewPipe app as shown image above.

F-droid is an alternative APP store just like the Google Play Store, You can find all those apps in F-Droid store which usually we download from the play store”.  

Advantages of using NEWPIPE:-

  1. The feature of NewPIPE is you don’t need to add or login for streaming any YOUTUBE videos.
  2. You can still subscribe to all the channels you like without login into the NewPIPE.
  3. The app is very customizable so you can set the audio and video quality you want to stream.
  4. You can download both audio/Videos from YOUTUBE using NewPIPE.
  5. You can also add your SoundCloud account so you can stream online music directly from the NewPIPE app.
, How to access youtube ANONYMOUSLY? “NewPIPE” app review., TechRX
, How to access youtube ANONYMOUSLY? “NewPIPE” app review., TechRX

As I mentioned above point no 4 that you can download both audio/Videos from YOUTUBE using NewPIPE. Yes, you might think that is it not a big deal because in the android YOUTUBE client you can also save YOUTUBE videos, but you can’t send or move those videos in other devices because the android YOUTUBE client only lets you save those file on the YOUTUBE could if you logged in. But here using NEWPIPE you can save/download both audio and video inside your phone’s local storage so you can share move, edit or whatever you want you can do. I found this feature so useful.

NewPIPE is a lite and easy to navigate the app. I’m using NEWPIPE as a primary YOUTUBE client on my devices and it only takes a few minutes to adapt properly this app from the fully-featured YOUTUBE client.

I already reviewed this app on my YOUTUBE channel and you can watch here.


  • , How to access youtube ANONYMOUSLY? “NewPIPE” app review., TechRX

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