Few simple things you should know when you working from home.

Working from home is fantastic. No co-workers messing up your flow. Unlimited coffee breaks. And best of all: Business up top, PJs on the bottom.

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But when you do your office works from home then your home should feel like an office at least the desk.

So here are some quick tips and gadgets to get your job done.

The very first thing is a desk and a comfortable chair.

We spend more hours in office desk & chair than our bed, and when you do more freelancer works mostly you have to forget about your bed and some of the days even have to spend 18 hours on your desk & chair. so if you dig in amazon you can get nice looking and comfortable desk and chairs for your home office.

The second most important thing is the Computer.

For working from home you can build your desktop (here is my last best affordable desktop build guide) because desktops always feel good for working, but additionally, you also should have a secondary laptop so you can still work when the power goes down. For a secondary laptop I would suggest you to go with AMD laptops, because they are powerful, the onboard Vega graphics are much more powerful than Intel’s integrated graphics and they are much affordable.

The third most important thing is the INTERNET.

I can’t recommend you any company because everyone has different ISP at their area, so before select any ISP (if your area has a couple of broadband companies) just do the survey, ask your friends and the users also visit each ISP office and ask them to give you a trial. No matter which ISP you chose its depends on you but select at least 50mbps plan minimum for working, streaming and better online gaming. And always remember to TOPUP your internet plan on your phone because if your broadband goes down that time your phone’s hotspot will save you.

Lastly, I would recommend you to buy a UPS (I already reviewed one), so if there is power failure for a day, you can still keep run your laptop for a day.

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