DoH (DNS Over HTTP) Quicky Explained.

If you are reading this, it means you are using the internet and heard about DNS, HTTP, IP, etc but apart from everything if we talk about Security and Privacy on the internet then I will say “Internet is Damn Big thing” to lose privacy easily.  

There are lots of articles or videos on the internet about “how to stay secure on the internet “, so I will not talk about those but I will tell a simple step so you can at least hide “What you are searching on the WEB”. 

So let’s dig in and see what is “DNS over HTTP”. 

Basically, When you search web address or name into your address bar (example: your browser sends a request over the web to seem up the IP address for that website.

Traditionally, this request is shipped to servers over a clear text connection. This connection isn’t encrypted, making it easy for third-parties to ascertain what website you’re close to access.

But here DNS over HTTP can encrypt your search queries and make you search queries non-accessible from any Third parties. 

 How to enable DoH (DNS over HTTP) on firefox. 

Open firefox> Click on Three (Dot/Dash) Menu.

Now Click on Settings.

In General Page. Scroll Down and click on Networks Settings.

And now Click on DNS over HTTP and select “OK”.

How to enable DoH (DNS over HTTP) on Chrome.

Open Chrome> Type this line on the Search Bar> chrome://flags/#dns-over-https. And hit enter

Search for DNS on the search BOX.

And Enable this feature and restart the browser for applying changes.

Pros and Cons of DoH (DNS over HTTP)


DoH improves privacy by Hiding your searching queries from your ISP and it is so useful if you use Public Wi-fi a lot. 

But still, there are lots of Cons of DoH according toFirefox Support 


For more information, you can also check the wiki and firefox support web-page.

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