Does IP ratings really protect your phone?

Summer vacation on the beach, a day in the desert or even walk in a rain these all keep your phone inside your pocket. But fortunately these days we can see mostly all flagships comes promised to water and dustproof. But how much it is true to let’s find out.

, Does IP ratings really protect your phone?, TechRX

So water and dustproof shown as IP rating in phones. IP means Ingress Protection or International Protection which we can be find almost all other gadgets. Every phone has different IP ratings it could be IP6 7 or IP6 8 or more. You can see that each number set individually because each number cover different protection type.

For example IP6 7 there is nothing to do with the first number which is 6, its means the phone is well shielded from the inside even dust can’t get in. its protects the insides components and also keep things like camera lenses free of dust. And if you find anything lower than number 6, for example, IP 5 7 then it’s not protected from the dust. And also if you find something like IP X 7 its doesn’t mean that it is not protected but it is not tested yet for that category protection.

, Does IP ratings really protect your phone?, TechRX

The second number IP 6 7 or 6 8 stands for liquid protection. The scale goes from dripping water to spraying water even full drown in the water. If we look a phone with the 7 at the end that should be able to survive under 1meter of the water up-to 30minutes but it also doesn’t mean that it will start leaking on 31minutes. And the phones comes with 8 at the end will be able to survive 3meter in the water but the exact time and depth of test can be varied according to the manufacturers. The deeper you go and there more pressure creates on the device and there will be much more chances to water get inside of the device and do damage.

The I P ratings numbers can be confusing because if you think that I P 6 8 is also certified for those I P 6 5 or others then you could be wrong because all numbers cover different protections. So in some phones, you can find I P6 5/6 8 both, for example, sony XZ2 has both 6 5 and 6 8.

, Does IP ratings really protect your phone?, TechRX

I will add a chart at the end of the article for better understanding

But still you should keep in mind that all that IP test has been only assumed in freshwater so still your phones are not safe in ocean (saltwater), you can notice that scuba drivers get out of ocean they wash/clean their gears with fresh water so there are no chances for the salt waters to set in.

Moreover, even with the IP ratings, no manufactures guarantee the water damage. If you wondering how the manufacturers could know how your phone drowned in the water then there is a white sticker inside the phone, its turn pink when its come in touch of water.

At the end I would suggest you don’t take your phones inside the water, no matter which IP ratings your phone has but remember those are just mean to save you from any accident of splash water.

, Does IP ratings really protect your phone?, TechRX
, Does IP ratings really protect your phone?, TechRX


  • , Does IP ratings really protect your phone?, TechRX

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