How to use VIM in Linux Terminal. Part-1?

VIM is a command-line text editor, the command line is a different environment. It’s a single-window with text input and output only. Let’s jump into it and try to learn the basics stuff about Vim. A. Normally vim is run with a single argument which is the file you would like to edit. When we […]

How to use rm and rmdir commands in Linux?

If the users have to remove or delete any file or directory in Linux or Unix-like Operating Systems, users use the rm command or rmdir command. This segment of Unix articles explains how to delete a particular file on a Linux or Unix like machine using the Command Line Interface (CLI). 1. Using rm Command […]

Understanding the System Startup and Remote Login in UNIX.

This is the second article of our new series of UNIX articles. This section introduces you to the ways to interact with the Unix operating system. It looks at the Unix Boot Process, shows you the best way to log in to the remote systems and to appropriately shutdown the system. It also covers the […]

Understanding the History, Versions, and Main Components of UNIX.

This is the first article of our new series of UNIX articles. In this segment, we are going to discuss the history, meaning of different versions and core components of UNIX. The Unix operating system was developed by a gathering of researchers at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories. Unix has discovered a place in numerous spots, from […]

Understanding the Methodologies to Secure the Unix Application Servers.

In this segment, we are going to understand how we can secure and harden the Unix servers. Application servers are a crystal clear objective for an attacker or a hacker. They are mostly a central store for all way of information, credentials, protected documents or monetary information. Being so information rich gives an undeniable point […]

What is cURL? and How to Install It on your Computer.

If you are using Linux from sometimes you may have noticed a command called cURl. But you are not sure “what iscURL” and “what is do”? What is cURL? cURL command uses for mostly transferring data using various network protocols. It supports several protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and many more. HTTP/HTTPS makes it a […]

How to Upgrade Ubuntu from 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04.

In my previous article I already mentioned about I was having some error with Ubuntu 19 so I installed 18.04.4 but it was hard to digest for me. I just don’t like old things when there is already a newer version for that. So I decided to Upgrade into ubuntu 20.04 right from the software […]

How To Use The Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder?

You all already know that apart from this blog I’m also doing YouTube with the same name as etechwall. You can visit the link and hit the subscribe button if you like my content.  So if you see my videos you will find out all those videos I make by screen recording and I use […]

Browse any websites from Linux Terminal using DDGR.

Linux Terminal has lots of features and terminal is very important for Linux users. If you are a Linux user then you will understand what I mean. But if you are not, then let me show you how can you browser webpages using the DUCK DUCK GO search engine from the terminal. Yes, you heard […]

SuperX lammar 5.0 introduction and a quick review.


Introduction As per the site, SuperX which stands for Simple User-friendly Powerful Energetic Robust eXperience is a free and Open Source operating system based on the Linux kernel, GNU utilities, KDE Neon desktop environment (UI) and depends on Ubuntu code base. It was first developed by Wrishiraj Kaushik and his group in Indian city named […]