How to flush DNS on your Windows computers.

There are many reasons for flush DNS cache from your PC, most common is an error on websites. Like suddenly some website is showing error and not loading successfully then it might be the DNS cache or even sometimes using any VPN you get the error from some streaming services is also could be the […]

How to Disable IPv6 Leak on Linux?

IPv6 is the latest adaptation of Internet Protocol intended to solve the problem of IPv4 which is to increase the number of IP addresses to the internet devices (Check out this article for detailed overview Link). In this section, we are only going to talk about disabling the IPv6 leak on the Linux systems. I […]

How To Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Mobile phones with cutting edge features like those of individual computers are showing up in more individuals’ pockets and hands. Mobile phones’ prevalence and generally less security have made them a possible target for attackers of different countries. These attackers take examples of days like Valentine’s Day (sending fake things to lovers) or target citizens […]

Understanding the Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy.

In this segment of Security articles, we are going to understand the ways and smart techniques required to protect your data privacy and other concepts related to it. With the expansion of personal computing devices, the sudden increase in social media and in the numbers of individuals connected to the Internet, privacy is currently more […]

Understanding Mobile Node, Home and Foreign Agent in Mobile IP.

This is (9th Article) in continuation of our last one article, a new series of networking articles. In this segment, we are going to discuss Mobile nodes, Home and Foreign Agents which play an important role in working on Mobile IP. Mobile IP is the actual next expansion of Mobile voice communication. Advances in wireless […]

Understanding the Working of Viruses and Antiviruses.

In this segment, we are going to understand how viruses work, how antivirus detects viruses and more other concepts. Malicious Hackers need a program which carries a malicious payload that could hide  inside a non-malicious program and spread without depending on the victim running a particular program. These hackers discovered their answers in different computer […]

How To Access Sling Tv Outside USA, Using PrivateVPN.

During this lockdown, peoples are watching lots of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar. Yes, these names are big in the industry. Moreover, there are also lots of other streaming services which recently appeared on “Spot Light”. One of them is “Sling TV”.  “Sling Television, commonly known as Sling TV, is an American over-the-topinternet television service […]

Understanding the Role of Protocol Stack, HTTPS, DNS, and SSL.

This is (10th Article) in continuation of our last one article, a new series of networking articles. In this segment, we are going to discuss the Protocol Stack and overview of HTTPS, DNS, and SSL. The Internet is one of the greatest technological wonders of modern time which enabled simple communication over the globe, opening […]

NordLynx, (Wireguard) by NordVPN Quick review Part-1.

VPN has come across a very long way and became Industry standard. Nowadays everyone has a VPN and its growing day by day. There are two big reasons for using a VPN:- 1. Stay hidden and Protected. 2. Unlock Everything. Stay hidden and protected. VPN is one kind of security layer on the internet that […]

Watch Premium Movies & TV shows Free. Using Popcorn Time.

Basically, the current situation is lockdown everywhere, and that is the only weapon we have against the Nobel Corona Virus. So we all locked in our houses for quite some weeks. Yes, its been 1 whole month then I haven’t been out. And here India it will be continued till 3rd May and there is […]

Understanding Rootkits and How do they work?

In this segment, we are going to discuss the Rootkits and how they work. Breaking into a computer is not simple, so once a Hacker gets in, his first objective is for the most part to ensure that he can get once more into that computer effectively whenever. The best to do this is to […]

Understanding Software 3.0. It’s Development and Deployment Model.

In this segment, we are going to discuss the development and deployment of Software 3.0. We will also try to compare Software 3.0 with 1.0 and 2.0. In spite of the fact that a significant number of these technologies are still economically incipient, various new companies have risen that give ML-based software solutions to enterprises. […]

DoH (DNS Over HTTP) Quicky Explained.

If you are reading this, it means you are using the internet and heard about DNS, HTTP, IP, etc but apart from everything if we talk about Security and Privacy on the internet then I will say “Internet is Damn Big thing” to lose privacy easily.   There are lots of articles or videos on the […]

Browse any websites from Linux Terminal using DDGR.

Linux Terminal has lots of features and terminal is very important for Linux users. If you are a Linux user then you will understand what I mean. But if you are not, then let me show you how can you browser webpages using the DUCK DUCK GO search engine from the terminal. Yes, you heard […]