How to flush DNS on your Windows computers.

There are many reasons for flush DNS cache from your PC, most common is an error on websites. Like suddenly some website is showing error and not loading successfully then it might be the DNS cache or even sometimes using any VPN you get the error from some streaming services is also could be the […]

How to Disable IPv6 Leak on Linux?

IPv6 is the latest adaptation of Internet Protocol intended to solve the problem of IPv4 which is to increase the number of IP addresses to the internet devices (Check out this article for detailed overview Link). In this section, we are only going to talk about disabling the IPv6 leak on the Linux systems. I […]

How To Use Phone’s Camera As Your Webcam.

Using a desktop make you buy lots of Peripheral, and one of them is the webcam. Yes, there are millions of external Webcams come at different verity and price. But actually, you don’t need an external webcam for your desktop, instead, you can use your phone as your Webcam and it will give you a […]

How To Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk?

Facebook now allows users to delete posts in bulk: How to use this feature. Facebook has come up with a new feature in the Activity Log that enables users to see all posts shared by them on Facebook. It has various filters like date, check-ins, people, text updates, etc. which allows users to search posts, […]

How To Get Decent Audio On Your Youtube Videos.

Yes, I’m not a fancy Big YouTuber, but I’m on Youtube for quite some time. Making videos on youtube is quite easy nowadays because gears are cheap.  You might think you will need an expensive DSLR etc to start making a video, but no, all you will dedication and for the gear, you can check […]

What is cURL? and How to Install It on your Computer.

If you are using Linux from sometimes you may have noticed a command called cURl. But you are not sure “what iscURL” and “what is do”? What is cURL? cURL command uses for mostly transferring data using various network protocols. It supports several protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and many more. HTTP/HTTPS makes it a […]

How To Uninstall Apps on Windows PC and Deep Clean Using Revo Uninstaller?

Uninstalling apps on windows is way easier than Linux but are you doing that correctly. The answer might be 50/50 because most of the apps are fine if you only uninstall those from the Control Panel but there are still some apps like VPNs or antiviruses those kinds of apps always make a deep place on the […]

How to Upgrade Ubuntu from 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04.

In my previous article I already mentioned about I was having some error with Ubuntu 19 so I installed 18.04.4 but it was hard to digest for me. I just don’t like old things when there is already a newer version for that. So I decided to Upgrade into ubuntu 20.04 right from the software […]

How To Use The Hidden Gnome Screen Recorder?

You all already know that apart from this blog I’m also doing YouTube with the same name as etechwall. You can visit the link and hit the subscribe button if you like my content.  So if you see my videos you will find out all those videos I make by screen recording and I use […]

How to Fix Right Click Issue of Mouse & Touchpad on Ubuntu.

As a content creator, I have to use almost all Operating Systems for testing, and I don’t use those VM. Because I know that VM ‘s never give you the perfect results. So I have a dedicated PC (Laptop) which is Ryzen 5 2500U with 8Gigs of RAM and 120SSD, a pretty solid machine for […]

How to access your router from your windows PC using CMD?

Windows has many optional-features which we still don’t know and mostly those features is not enabled out of the box. But here today I will show to by enabling an optional features how can you access your router in cmd. So lets dig-in. The very first thing you have to do press WIN+R in the […]