FalconX, Get Windows 10X TaskBar on Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 X is the next big thing from Microsoft and also it will be the future of Windows OS we are aware of it so far.  There are lots of new features on windows 10 X, Microsoft especially built this OS for fold-able computers and optimized the OS for easily switching between dual and […]

AAEON PICO-WHU4 an alternative of PI With Intel 8th Gen SOC and 16GB RAM.

A few days ago on an article, I already talk about a PI size SBC called DFI GHF51 based on AMD chipset with Vega IGPU. but as we are seeing head on head competition between Team RED (AMD) and Team BLUE(Intel) on the full-size computer market. Here also Intel hit back with AAEON PICO-WHU4. But that […]

Best Budget Laptops for Creators! In India

We all almost spent this 2020 inside the home due to the pandemic coronavirus. But no matter what’s happening, but work will never stop. And because of the coronavirus Work from Home is common now and it will be. Working from home is not a big deal, but get all work done from home is […]

Asus PN50 a Mini-PC powered by AMD 4000 series Chipsets.

AMD is everywhere, after dominating the Chip industry AMD finally start Making their all in One mini PCs. So let’s see what else we got here? Asus unveils a mini PC called PN50 during an event in South Korea in June. Form the looks its quite the same as older PN60 but if you take […]

What Computer Do I USE?

I’m members in several Facebook about technologies and in every week someone asks there. Which PC I can get on $300? Which Processor I Should buy? How much RAM do I need? It’s like regularly someone from that group, mostly new members building their PC. And other members always answers. But I’m not going to […]

Understanding the Working of Viruses and Antiviruses.

In this segment, we are going to understand how viruses work, how antivirus detects viruses and more other concepts. Malicious Hackers need a program which carries a malicious payload that could hide  inside a non-malicious program and spread without depending on the victim running a particular program. These hackers discovered their answers in different computer […]

RedmiBook 13, RedmiBook 14S, and RedmiBook 16.

According to a recent tweet from Xiaomishka. Xiaomi is going to launch its new Redmibooks (Laptops). Xiaomi is planning on launching a RedmiBook 13, RedmiBook 14S, and RedmiBook 16 with APUs from AMD’s all-conquering Renoir series. Xiaomishka mentioned on his tweet. “So this month with the new #Redmi#5G smartphones will also be launched some #RedmiBook‘s 13 / 14S / 16. All […]

Upcoming Surface Book 3 specs confirmed.

The Microsoft upcoming surface 3 leaked all the details and certified. The surface 3 comes in both 13 and 15inch variant with Intel’s 10th gen Chipset under-the-hood and up to 32gigs of RAM. There will be some variation in the configuration and consumers can select the size and memory types depend on their budgets. According to the data from Energy […]

How to use Whatsapp on your PC.

Working using a computer is a normal thing but when you are busy with completing your task and then suddenly your phone which is in your pocket rings, sometimes that feels disturbing. So you also can’t ignore that because that could be from your family, friends and your loving ones. so jumping from one device […]

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14. World’s Most Powerful Laptop.

From the past few months, AMD was dominating the computer market from its top-notch CPUs for desktop. However, their new 4000series chipsets have to work for laptops. Yes, there are already AMD laptops and even I’m using one which has (Ryzen 5 2500 + Vega 8 IGPU). but that was not enough for gaming or […]

Xiaomi Ningmei CR600 All-In-One Desktop.

Xiaomi has launched a Ningmei CR600 all-in-one desktop computer. It comes with a 23.8-inch 1080P screen and Core i3 / i5 processor. It’s not directly built by the original Xiaomi’s Brand but its launched under Xiaomi Youpin. here are tons of Xiaomi Eco Chain enterprises. “Xiaomi Youpin is a boutique lifestyle e-commerce platform under Xiaomi […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold -from CES 2020. Quick look.

As I already said in the other article that the CES 2020 is kinda like the concept and I’m still telling you that all these products might not hit the market anytime soon or never. In shows like CES and MWC, we have seen weird laptops like 3screens or also something like Project Linda. But […]

What is a Virtual Machine? Basic Virtualization Understanding Part -2

In this segment, we will talk about what a virtual machine is and how the layer of virtualization between the hardware and system software makes a virtual machine. Virtual Machine A virtual machine is a software program that is similar to a physical system running an operating system and applications. Virtual machine can run similar […]

Build your very first BUDGET PC, which can handle all your task.

For the tech enthusiast building a PC by selecting own choices components is so satisfying task in life. I always like to build my PC I can add parts on my choices and can save money. I will say that building your PC always save money. As I always compared but pre-build PC in amazon […]

Asrock EPC621D4I-2M, a mini ITX motherboard.

Asrock released a mini ITX motherboard with server-grade specs. The ASRock rack is known for making good expensive motherboards for workstations and server solutions. This time I will talk about the Asrock EPC621D4I-2M, it’s a small ITX motherboard with the dimension of 6.7” x 6.7” (17.02 cm x 17.02 cm). it has a single CPU […]