Build your very first BUDGET PC, which can handle all your task.

For the tech enthusiast building a PC by selecting own choices components is so satisfying task in life. I always like to build my PC I can add parts on my choices and can save money. I will say that building your PC always save money. As I always compared but pre-build PC in amazon cost much then you can get more good parts on that price.

So today I’m going to tell you about building a low-cost PC but it should not be with cheap components.

The basic demands will be with this PC.

1) All daily task should handle without any lag.

2) Basic gaming.

3) Basic photo/graphic editing (Adobe photoshop CC2019), Inkscape. Etc

So let’s dig in on amazon and let’s see what best things we can get.

So the very first thing you should know that, I decided this build on AMD. So you might think about why AMD. Yes as we all know AMD chipsets are much lower in price than Intel chipsets and there are many verities to choose. 

So I’m choosing AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Processor with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics. This is a Quad-core chipset, maximum boosted up-to 3.9Ghz. The stands for APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) so you can still game on this device without having an external graphics card. This chipset will cost you Rs. 11462/- almost ($160-165) but price vary by the market.

Now the next big thing we will need a motherboard so here I will go with MSI A320M Pro-VD/S AMD Socket AM4This a pretty good budget motherboards with AM4 socket so its means all current AMD chipsets will run on this motherboard. This motherboard will cost you Rs. 3727/- ($55-60). 

From the RAM side, I will use Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz, I will choose 2 stick of 8GB Ram, so total will be 16GB and the maximum capacity of that chipset is 16GB. The 2stick 8Gb Ram will Rs.7294 ($102-105). you can choose 8Gb also. 

For storage I would use a 240GB SSD (Western Digital WDS240G2G0A 240GB SATA III 6GB/s 2.5 7mm Internal SSD (Green) )and later you can add an HDD for saving the data but I will only suggest you use SSD for process all the programs because traditional HDD is so slow as we compare to SSD. So if you want to get a test of the full power of other components like chipset, Ram then use only SSD. The 240GB will cost you Rs. 2393/- ($32-35).

For assembling all the parts I will not go much deep because already many PC build guide out there so check the link. 

So in the end, I already forgot one thing which is a cabinet, as this build is a budget-friendly so I will go with an affordable non-RGB good quality cabinet which is Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case with Red LED (Black) Rs.2850/- ($37-42).

Let’s calculate all the price tags and see how much we have to spend on this build. (I will select the maximum possible price of the Dollar)

Components Price in INR Price in Dollar
Processor 11462 $165
Motherboard 3727 $60
Ram 8×2 7294 $105
PSU(SMPS) 5298 $76
Cabinet 2850 $42
WD 240GB SSD 2393 $35
Total Rs. 33024/- $483

Conclusion:- you might think that why I didn’t put any GPU. Yes as our basic requirement was Basic gaming, Editing and daily usage so with these specs all these things can be handle smoothly. The integrated graphic comes with this Chip is Radeon Vega graphics 11 which can even handle any 720p games which having any lag.

Moreover building own PC is much better deal than buying pre-build PCs from any online store and also you can learn many things if you do it on your hands. Thanks for reading,

Biplab Das

My name is Biplab Das. I’m a writer, Blogger, Youtuber and full time IT support engineer whose childhood obsession with science fiction never quite faded. A quarter-century later, the technology that I coveted as a kid is woven into the fabric of everyday life. I’ve spent the past years to learn these technologies, I recently published a book on computer science fundamentals. People say smartphones are boring these days, but I think everyone is beginning to take this wonderful technology marvel for granted.

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