Best Electric Vehicles in India.

As we know that pollution is a very big issue in our country and it is quite necessary to slow it down. Vehicles are polluting our environment and that’s why many companies are trying to make our environment green.

Many companies are doing startup of Electrical Vehicles in India so that the environment should be clean. So, today in this article, we are providing you the details of the best Electric Vehicles Startup Companies in India.

here is the upcoming Best Electric Vehicles in India.

Tata Motors

Electrical Vehicles in India

Tata is coming with Nexon EV, which is the most awaited electrical car in India. It has a Li-ion Polymer battery with a cooling feature that can keep the battery cool all the time. It has a battery capacity of 30.2kWH that can run 320 km in just a single charge.

The battery will get charge 0 – 80 % in just 60 minutes with a fast charger. It can generate the peak powers of 127 bhp and the price of this electrical car by Tata Motors will start from Rs.13.99 lakhs. The liquid cooling feature is quite amazing that keeps the battery temperature low after a long drive. 

Mahindra Electric

Electrical Vehicles in India

Mahindra is a very popular company that had started dealing in Electrical cars. They are already diversified into various segments, as they have launched electrical vans, autos, three-wheelers, and now come with electrical cars.

Mahindra is a great option for users looking for an electrical car on a budget. Mahindra E2o Plus comes with a three-phase motor, AC induction, and the weight of the battery is almost 84 kg. The battery has a capacity of 10.08 kWh. It can run approximately 100 km on a single charge. It takes 75 minutes for a full charge with a fast charger and almost 6 hours from a normal charger. The pricing of this electrical car starts from Rs.7.57 lakhs.


Electrical Vehicles in India

Hyundai is also a very popular company now dealing in electrical cars. They come with an amazing power motor car named Kona. For those who like the speed, Hyundai Kona is the best option. It can reach up to 100 km in just 10 seconds. 

Kona is considered one of the best electric cars available in India. It has an amazing mileage and it can run 452 km on just a single charge. It can generate electricity up to 134 bhp. Kona has a battery capacity of 39.2 kWh and it takes just 57 minutes for the complete charge with a fast charger. It is just like a premium choice, which has a starting price of Rs.23.71 lakhs. 

MG Motors

Electrical Vehicles in India

MG Motor comes with some amazing electrical cars that are providing good competition to Kona. The charging of the battery is always a very big hurdle in an electrical car but now all these companies are growing their sector and working on that. 

They have launched an EV just like Nexon EV, which has a battery capacity of 44.5 kWh. It can run up to 340 km on a single charge. The 80% of charging will be complete in just an hour with a fast charger and it takes almost 6 – 8 hours from a normal 15A AC charger. The price starts from 20.88 lakhs.


Electrical Vehicles in India

Nissan is also a popular company that has a bright future in India because of its premium material. Nissan is coming with amazing battery capacity, as they are launching 50 kWh and 75 kWh battery capacity that will run for a long time. 

 It comes with the electricity of 148 bhp and it will run approximately 400 km on a single charge. Users have to charge it for 8 – 16 hours. The price of Nissan electrical cars is starting from Rs.35 lakhs, which makes it a premium choice. 

Hero Electric

Electrical Vehicles in India

Hero is dealing in two-wheelers in India for a huge time and they have now also launched electrical scooters for the user’s convenience. They have already launched their scooters in the market. The scooters are quite affordable so that every user can easily buy them.

Hero Optima LA is a great electric bike now in the market that is providing an average of 50 km on a single charge. It. It has a 250 Watt battery that takes almost 5 – 6 hours from a normal charger. The weight of the scooter is 86 kg. The pricing of this electric bike is Rs.44,900.

Ashok Leyland

Electrical Vehicles in India

Ashok Leyland is a popular and the fourth largest company that is dealing in buses. Ashok Leyland comes with the flagship of Hinduja group now coming in the market with their electrical buses. This is a great innovation by Ashok Leyland to bring electrical buses to the country. 

The Indian government is already focusing to make our country green, free from pollution, and the main motive of these electric buses is to increase the customer capacity in the buses and can charge very economic prices from the customers. There will not be any need for doing service, again and again, the battery will be a quite convenient option for the companies. 

Ather Energy

Electrical Vehicles in India

Ather Energy had recently launched 2 electrical scooters that can solve the problem of battery. It can cover a huge distance on a single charge. They come to solve the shortcoming of previous electrical scooters come to the market.

Normally, we have seen that the electrical scooters don’t have good speed but Alther Energy comes with a speed of 80km/h. It can reach a speed from 0 to 40 km/h in just 3.3 seconds. 80% of the battery gets charged in just 3 hours 35 minutes. It also has a navigation screen that will help you to reach the place you want

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