FalconX, Get Windows 10X TaskBar on Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 X is the next big thing from Microsoft and also it will be the future of Windows OS we are aware of it so far.  There are lots of new features on windows 10 X, Microsoft especially built this OS for fold-able computers and optimized the OS for easily switching between dual and […]

AAEON PICO-WHU4 an alternative of PI With Intel 8th Gen SOC and 16GB RAM.

A few days ago on an article, I already talk about a PI size SBC called DFI GHF51 based on AMD chipset with Vega IGPU. but as we are seeing head on head competition between Team RED (AMD) and Team BLUE(Intel) on the full-size computer market. Here also Intel hit back with AAEON PICO-WHU4. But that […]

How to flush DNS on your Windows computers.

There are many reasons for flush DNS cache from your PC, most common is an error on websites. Like suddenly some website is showing error and not loading successfully then it might be the DNS cache or even sometimes using any VPN you get the error from some streaming services is also could be the […]

How to Disable IPv6 Leak on Linux?

IPv6 is the latest adaptation of Internet Protocol intended to solve the problem of IPv4 which is to increase the number of IP addresses to the internet devices (Check out this article for detailed overview Link). In this section, we are only going to talk about disabling the IPv6 leak on the Linux systems. I […]

How To Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Mobile phones with cutting edge features like those of individual computers are showing up in more individuals’ pockets and hands. Mobile phones’ prevalence and generally less security have made them a possible target for attackers of different countries. These attackers take examples of days like Valentine’s Day (sending fake things to lovers) or target citizens […]

Understanding the Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy.

In this segment of Security articles, we are going to understand the ways and smart techniques required to protect your data privacy and other concepts related to it. With the expansion of personal computing devices, the sudden increase in social media and in the numbers of individuals connected to the Internet, privacy is currently more […]

ACH Payment Processing for Online Merchant Account

An Automated Cleaning House or simply ACH payment gateway enables the merchants to process ACH transactions without worrying about any risks or frauds. A high-risk merchant account with ACH Payment Processing solution offers merchant’s a solution that helps their business to grow and flourish and does not limit it within the boundary of their native country. It […]

Best Budget Laptops for Creators! In India

We all almost spent this 2020 inside the home due to the pandemic coronavirus. But no matter what’s happening, but work will never stop. And because of the coronavirus Work from Home is common now and it will be. Working from home is not a big deal, but get all work done from home is […]

How to use VIM in Linux Terminal. Part-1?

VIM is a command-line text editor, the command line is a different environment. It’s a single-window with text input and output only. Let’s jump into it and try to learn the basics stuff about Vim. A. Normally vim is run with a single argument which is the file you would like to edit. When we […]

Samsung Galaxy note10. Indian Variant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy note10. Indian Variant has been priced at Rs. 69,999 for the 8GB RAM + 256GB model and the Note 10+ begins at Rs. 79,999 for the 12GB of RAM and 256GB at Rs. 89,999. There is a launch offer which gives you cashback of Rs. 6,000 if you use HDFC credit or […]

How to use rm and rmdir commands in Linux?

If the users have to remove or delete any file or directory in Linux or Unix-like Operating Systems, users use the rm command or rmdir command. This segment of Unix articles explains how to delete a particular file on a Linux or Unix like machine using the Command Line Interface (CLI). 1. Using rm Command […]

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra. Productivity in your pocket.

In this pandemic lockdown Samsung finally launched the Galaxy Note 20 and Note20 Ultra. Moreover, the smartphone manufacturer is also expected to launch some more products including Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Z Fold 2. We will directly dig in Note20 Ultra “because it has more sweets.” I always […]

Understanding the System Startup and Remote Login in UNIX.

This is the second article of our new series of UNIX articles. This section introduces you to the ways to interact with the Unix operating system. It looks at the Unix Boot Process, shows you the best way to log in to the remote systems and to appropriately shutdown the system. It also covers the […]

Understanding the Role of Consensus Mechanisms in Blockchain.

In this segment of Blockchain articles, we are going to understand the role of Consensus in blockchain, it’s properties, and other concepts related to it. Consensus mechanisms permit the secure updating of a distributed shared state. Common methods used for achieving fault tolerance (defined below) in a distributed network system is to maintain or distribute […]

Asus PN50 a Mini-PC powered by AMD 4000 series Chipsets.

AMD is everywhere, after dominating the Chip industry AMD finally start Making their all in One mini PCs. So let’s see what else we got here? Asus unveils a mini PC called PN50 during an event in South Korea in June. Form the looks its quite the same as older PN60 but if you take […]