Asrock EPC621D4I-2M, a mini ITX motherboard.

Asrock released a mini ITX motherboard with server-grade specs. The ASRock rack is known for making good expensive motherboards for workstations and server solutions.

This time I will talk about the Asrock EPC621D4I-2M, it’s a small ITX motherboard with the dimension of 6.7” x 6.7” (17.02 cm x 17.02 cm). it has a single CPU socket with 3647LGA, the motherboard support 4channel of memory up to 64GB where any processor with that LGA can support 6 channels of memory but due to small form factor of the size, you can’t get the full advantage (DDR4 2933 memory is supported only when using the Intel® Cascade Lake CPU and Intel® Cascade Lake BIOS).

, Asrock EPC621D4I-2M, a mini ITX motherboard., TechRX
backside of the motherboard

It has one PCI slot for a graphics card, 2x1Gigabyt RJ45 via Intel® integrated MAC X722 + Marvell Alaska 88E1514 Ethernet port, one VGA port and 2 USB 3.1 2nd gen port. For more additional port see below and check the link.

COM Header– 1 (from BMC)
TPM Header– 1
NVME support– 1 x MINISASHD from PCH
Fan Header– 3Fans x 4-pin (CPU/2System)
ATX Power– 1 (24-pin) + 1 (8-pin)
USB 2.0 Header– 1 ( support 2 USB 2.0)
PSU SMB Header– 1
Front Panel– 1
BMC_SMB Header– 1
ME/SPS Recovery– 1
Clear CMOS– 1 (short pad)

On the back of the motherboard, there is 2 M.2 SSD slot available so you can swap in.

 For more details check LTT’s video here.


  • , Asrock EPC621D4I-2M, a mini ITX motherboard., TechRX

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