APC UPS-1100 a true problem solver for a power cut.

like summer, especially summer also comes with monsoon here in India, so long drive, evening tea party with friends and family is best memories you could capture in your life but let’s come to the reality that summer in India also means heavy rain, stone storm so you can imagine that power cut is normal in those days. But if you are living in cities then you might face power cut for a few hours or a maximum of 6 hours I have been faced once.

Frankly speaking that peoples who live in a city they actually don’t keep any backup option for a power cut, because they know that if the power goes down then it will be fixed in few hours so usually we don’t like spend on any inverter or solar system.

But peoples like me who always connected to the technology they face problem during those power cuts. An average laptop can be last maximum 3 hours but for me, as I run multiple programs at once and the heaviest programs I have to run directly on the browser, so it’s mean I’m always connected with internet which is most powers consume program you could ever run on a computer.

So what can I do to get rid of this problem? I had a few two options like buy an inverter or solar. But I didn’t do that, instead, I calculated my laptop battery power, charger output, etc and then I decided to buy a UPS.

, APC UPS-1100 a true problem solver for a power cut., TechRX

The APC-1100 UPS is something that can keep online your gadgets for a few minutes even after a power cut. But if you use this properly then it can be much last longer for you. I won’t go for the device specs because I know the specs from the paper is way more different real-world use. but if you still curious about the specs see here link.

Let’s come to real-world usage and backup. The APC UPS can be standby up to 1hour. After that, it will get shut down and also there is a dedicated power-saving mode which keeps you to stay standby more for a while.

As you are thinking that if its stay only for 1hours then how it could be charged the laptop multiple times? Yes, it’s strange but there is a trick to use it to charge your laptop multiple times.

This ups normally charge your laptops faster than usual, as I mentioned about it only can be stay hours which is enough to fully charge your laptop. But after that, it will start blinking as notification that it is going to die but if your turn of the UPS and turn it again after 10-20minutes so again you will get one hour stand by time which means you can charge your laptop once more just make sure to disable battery saver if it’s enabled.

After testing this UPS for several weeks the final result I get that I can be changer your laptop 3times fully. So if your laptop does run 3 hours then without electricity you can stay online up to 9 hours on depends on this ups. Moreover, you can use it as regular desktop UPS, a powerful desktop with RGB lighting, GPU, etc can be run up to 40mintues with this UPS even you can run a variety of gadgets like sometimes I use my Table fan with this UPS and its last 40-50minutes.

They have a variety of UPS so you can choose whatever you want.

In the end, I’m satisfied with this UPS which cost me 5.7k Rs. And it’s better to spend 25k Rs. On any inverter. For more details follow this link.


  • , APC UPS-1100 a true problem solver for a power cut., TechRX

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