Acer Aspire 3 (Ryzen 5). A small budget perfect laptop.

Buying a laptop is not an easy task, and when you are tight on the budget and still looking for a laptop which gets done all your thing smoothly it could be harder.

I always advise 2things when peoples are buying a laptop.

1.    Don’t buy laptops on depending on the Brand name.

2.    And don’t check many laptops which can easily make you confused to choose the perfect laptop for you.

As I already had one Lenovo IP320e which was pretty good at that price point but the only issue was about editing. The onboard Intel graphics was not even a bit powerful which can’t handle Photoshop CC 2019 smoothly. I do lots of graphics works so I always need many editing software like GIMP, Inkscape, etc so I was looking for a budget laptop with good specs. So I dig in in amazon for taking a look at what I can get?

There were a few models which I checked the Lenovo s145 which was in 30k price point but that was 8th Gen core I3 laptop with same specs with my old Lenovo IP320e which also had an I3 6th Gen chipset. So I said “NO” to I3 and the Lenovo s145 with I5 and MX110 G5 32B Graphics and 8Gigs RAM but the price was bit higher then I was looking for.

I always knew that if you are looking for a cheap laptop with good specs, you need to look for ACER laptops. So I start looking on ACER laptops. Yes, there were many models with Intel chipset but I was looking for something which comes with a good onboard graphics. So there was only one choice which was “AMD”. I’m a fan of the Intel chipsets but I decided to give try with “AMD”.

, Acer Aspire 3 (Ryzen 5). A small budget perfect laptop., TechRX

The laptop from ACER I chose was ACER ASPIRE 3 (Ryzen 5) with Radeon Vega 8 graphics. But that deal was better in Flipkart with Rs. 27,999/- so I ordered from Flipkart.

Hands-on:- The very first impression was good. The body housing of the laptop is a made of plastic but ACER has done a good job to make it, the body of the laptops still feels premium with and also feels rugged. But the sad thing was the weight, it’s a 2.3KG laptop. I don’t just like to carry a heavy laptop on my back.

Software/Hardware: – Let me start on the software side. The laptop comes with a preinstalled windows 10 home edition and lots of bloatware, I don’t have any idea that why they put two antiviruses in a laptop (Avast and Norton), yea it might help ACER to reduce the price of the laptop by promoting other products but hopefully, you can uninstall that bloatware.

I have dual boot it with a Linux but it was not ready to dual boot. You need to do few tweaks in the BIOS to make it for dual boot. 

, Acer Aspire 3 (Ryzen 5). A small budget perfect laptop., TechRX

Moreover, the laptop comes with an only 4gigs RAM so basically, the laptop going to freeze, because of the Radeon Vega graphics. The very first thing I checked in TASK MANAGER (4% CPU usage, 84% RAM usage). So make sure to upgrade the RAM. The laptop supports dual-channel memory so I put one more 4gigs in the second slot and its working smoothly but I suggest you use 16gigs so you can use all power of the CPU and GPU.

Usage:- As a very budget laptop you won’t be disappointed, the laptop mostly run all apps smoothly. I’m running Inkscape, Photoshop CC 2018, web browser with 12-14tabs running, Ms-Word, all are running fine. Even I can play PUBG Lite in this laptop without having any issue.

Conclusion:- The Acer Aspire 3 is the pretty good budget laptop for all your daily works, Its got a good CPU (ryzen5) and GPU(Vega 8), dual slot memory and support up to 32gigs. A hidden M.2 SSD slot. The battery is good enough.


  • , Acer Aspire 3 (Ryzen 5). A small budget perfect laptop., TechRX

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