NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review.

VPN has come across a very long way and become Industry standard. Nowadays everyone has a VPN and its growing day by day.

There are two big reasons for using a VPN:-

1. Stay hidden and Protected.

2. Unlock Everything.

Stay hidden and protected.

VPN is one kind of security layer on the internet that route your connection through their servers which helps you to stay hidden from your ISP. Mostly VPN is very useful when we visit coffee shops, Malls, etc and use the public Wifi.

Unlock Everything:-

Another big reason for using a VPN is to unblock the blocked websites and also Geo-restricted contents. For example, if you live in India then it will impossible to watch American Netflix Contents from the outside USA. And using a VPN you can easily access those US Netflix contents even outside the US.

This is pretty basic reasons why we need to use a VPN.

But I don’t want to talk about this instead I want to tell you something about wiregaurd.

So Wiregaurd is a new, faster, and more secure VPN protocol and only a few VPNs are offering this now. We already have VPN Protocols like OpenVPN which is very old and mature and also L2TP which is faster and works always. but still, these Protocols are not faster and secure if we compare with wiregaurd.

I have already published one article on Wiregaurd, which you can read here.

So let’s come directly to the point.

From the last 3days, I was testing the NordLynx. So what the heck is that.

You all already know about NordVPN, they put their adds everywhere, even if you are reading about other VPN, suddenly their adds pop-up.

So at least we know Nord is a VPN provider, and now they rolled out NordLynx protocol which is nothing but that is Wiregaurd and they just named that NORDLYNX. And Nord is not the only VPN who is offering wiregaurd almost all big VPN providers are offering this.

So I went to the Nord website and asked them from a trial, and they said you can download and install their VPN app from Google Play or App store so I can get the trial for 7days. But you have to add your Card. It’s just impossible to get their trial without adding any card. And after this trial they will directly charge me $11.95 and which is so expensive compare to other VPNs.

ok so I got their trial and tested on my phone and the speed test results you can see here

NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX

But wiregaurd is still not good for gaming. Yes I can see the download and upload speed is increased a lot but I tried to play PubG by connecting to my closest server but the experience was not good. That I will show on you on my Youtube channel. So you can subscribe to the channel and stay tuned.

Install the app on other devices is easy but let me tell you how to do that on Linux.

The very first thing is to go to the NordVPN website and download the.Deb or >Rpm file.

NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX

And now you have installed it using the terminal. So I used this command



Cd ./Downloads


Sudo dpkg -I nordvpn-release_1.0.0_all.deb

And now done.

Again run

Sudo apt update

Sudo apt-get install nordvpn

It will take some time to download and install the VPN and after that, you can just type nordvpn and it will show you the details

NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX
NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX
NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX

Now all set up so we can start connecting the VPN

If you want to directly connect using the wiregaurd then type this command

Nordvpn set technology nordlynx

This command will select the wiregaurd

Not type the following commands

Nordvpn c (it will select your nearest wiregaurd supported server and will connect it and also it will ask your login details)

So my nearest wiregaurd server in India and it’s connected

NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX

Now let’s test the speed (I’m on 30Mbps broadband)

NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX

So the download speed is good, and the upload speed is disappointing.

Now let’s test the same server with OpenVPN, just run

nordvpn set technology OpenVPN

Nordvpn c #41 (Indian server) but its connected to me with #31 so the #41 is only for wiregaurd

Let’s test the speed

NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX

As you can see the results are pretty mixed and confusing, yes the nordlynx is still faster and lower ping, so I decided to test it for few more weeks and I will be back with another article later of the month.


  • NordLynx, NordLynx (Wiregaurd) by NordVPN Quick review., TechRX

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