Is Work From Home Really Great?

The Covid-19, social distancing, etc make almost everyone to Work-From-Home. Especially the IT department India has been allowed to Work-From-Home till July 31st.

But Working from Home might sound good but actually, it is not. There are thousands of issues you will face when you will start working from home like you have to get your work done using the minimum setup, no office environment, slow internet.

Minimum Setup:- This is one of the most challenging things when it comes to Work-From-Home. Everyone doesn’t have a fancy powerful computer (personal) so if you are a graphics or video editor then this is the very first issue you will face. And there is no solution for that. Because you just can’t edit 4K videos on your regular PC.

Work-from-Home, Is Work From Home Really Great?, TechRX

Office Environment:- Another problem is the work environment, but it depends on peoples. I also work from home but not because of this lockdown but I always work from home. So there are no issues for if I have to work from a locked room even without going out. So it depends on the peoples. But most peoples go to the office and work with their colleagues, crack jokes, etc so it might be a bit frustrating to work from home.

Work-from-Home, Is Work From Home Really Great?, TechRX

Slow Internet:- This is one of the biggest problems we all encounter in our life, slow wifi or the internet.

Everyone might not have a faster broadband connection at their residence so all you have to depend on cellular data. But like everyone is locked down inside home and everyone using the internet so there are 60-80% chances that your data speed goes down every 5seconds.

Work-from-Home, Is Work From Home Really Great?, TechRX

If I share my last few week’s experiences with my internet then I can say only one word. It’s horrible. Because I use IKF broadband. I live in Assam (India) so heavy raining in this current season is normal here, and each day heavy rain came and that cut their fibers (wires) so I have wait 2-4 hours for getting the internet back (yes that is a natural thing so I don’t count that) but from last 36hours there is not raining or anything but whole IKF is down in India. And as I already mentioned about the cellular data so I’m using 3 different SIM cards Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone and I have to switch from one Hotspot to another in every 10-15minuts.

Meanwhile, I called another new ISP and hopefully, their internet is working and they offered me free upgrades and within the next few hours, I will start using it.

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