Everything You Need To Know About WI-Fi calls.

“WI-FI Calling” is nothing new that we heard the first time, and people using it in many parts of the world. Still, there are a couple of countries newly getting this feature.

A few weeks ago, we got this feature in INDIA from major Cellular Service Providers like AIRTEL and JIO (reliance). In this article, I will discuss the WI-Fi calls and also WI-Fi calls in India.

So, let’s dig IN.

Later part of December 2019 in India, Airtel, and Jio started testing WI-FI calls and which took half of a week to get stable in 70% of the country.

So here you might think, “WHAT IS WI-FI CALL?”.

As you know that on our phone, we can make calls messages and even browse the internet when we get a signal from the mobile network towers, and that signal comes from your nearby towers. But in that case, you get a good signal for clear calls, the better browsing speed, if you only stay closer to the tower. As the distance between you and the mobo tower gets increase the signal from your mobo devices will get weak. As a result, you will face horrible slow internet speed and call drops.

, Everything You Need To Know About WI-Fi calls., TechRX

So if you didn’t find any nearby towers around your home and facing the above issues then you probably going to get mad. But here we can fix the slow internet issue by getting an internet broadband connection. Broadband and mobo SIM are different things so in this case, you can enjoy faster internet in your home but still, you have issues with phone calls. So then you might be thinking to use WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook messenger, etc for making using the internet.

, Everything You Need To Know About WI-Fi calls., TechRX

So now you are thinking about that problem fixed. But no because “Each person you want to contact via calls, must have to use an app like WhatsApp, skype, etc”.

So here we come to know about “WI-Fi calls”. There is not much history about WI-Fi calls as its started by “T-Mobile’s service, originally named “Hotspot Calling“, and rebranded to “Wi-Fi Calling” in 2009, allows users to seamlessly transfer from the T-Mobile cellular network to an 802.11x wireless network or T-Mobile HotSpot in the United States.”

You can know more about that here.

What is Wi-fi call?

Wi-Fi calling uses a Wi-Fi connection to make phone calls over the internet, instead of using the network of cell towers owned by wireless carriers and providers. Generally, your carrier and phone will determine if you can place phone calls through Wi-Fi or not.

In the past support for Wi-Fi calling was limited. Today, most major cell phone carriers now support Wi-Fi calling, and the option to connect to Wi-Fi now comes standard with the most recent iPhones and Android devices.

How Does WI-Fi call work?

As I mentioned earlier that you need a good signal for making calls otherwise you will face issues like call drops. But in the WI-Fi calling case if you are connected with any WI-Fi hotspot in your home, office or anywhere and making calls then your phone uses that WI-Fi network (internet) to send and receive voices, instead of using connecting between your SIM card and MOBO tower. As a result, you are getting a clear voice in calls and no call drops because of your phone transferring the voice faster on both ends then your regular mobo tower signal.

Advantages of wi-fi calls:-

1. For making WI-Fi calls you don’t need to use any separate app for making calls over the internet.

2. You are getting clear voice calls even if you are living far away from the mobo tower.

3. If you county charges for roaming then using wi-fi calls you can make phone calls without paying for roaming charges.

4. And the main last thing is technically totally not free at least in India. your SIM must have any calling subscription. if you don’t have any monthly plans activated on your SIM card then the Wi-fi call will not work.

What things you need you to use “WI-Fi Calls”.

WI-Fi calling must be supported by your device, nowadays most modern Android/Iphones have this WI-Fi calling feature but still, there are some phones which missing this feature. You go to your phone settings> Sim card setting>by clicking on SIM card you can check there if you found that option just enable it if it’s not enabled. 

, Everything You Need To Know About WI-Fi calls., TechRX
you can see the wifi calling icon on the top bar beside the wifi icon.

In India, both Airtel and Jio have enabled Wi-Fi calling on most parts of the country, and I’m using this from more than weak on my K20 pro. 

In 2020 we will see lots of new things on the internet and network like 5G, Wi-Fi-6, etc. 


  • , Everything You Need To Know About WI-Fi calls., TechRX

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