A forgettable prototype. The project LINDA by Razer.

Razer an American global gaming hardware manufacturing company established in 2005, known for their largest global gamer ecosystem of hardware and software and services. But apart from building hardware they also quite innovative on new designs, new projects.

Each year Razer comes to CES to showcase their new prototypes but after that those prototypes never come into reality.

I only want to ask this question to Razer?

Razer has many projects but I’m quite impressed by last year’s project called linda.

The project Linda was something where you can put your Razer phone into a razer laptop and the phone’s processor, the ram will run the whole system.

It’s a familiar-looking 13-inch laptop, in fact, it’s nearly identical to the current Razer Blade Stealth ($1,716 at Walmart), one of our favorite slim 13-inch systems. But instead of a traditional Intel-inside PC, this is powered by the company’s own Razer Phone ($395 at Amazon), an Android device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU. But the laptop itself has a 53.6Wh battery to augment the one in the phone, and second is 200GB of extra external storage. There’s also an assortment of expected laptop features, like a 720p webcam, audio jack, and USB-A and USB-C ports.

The laptop half has a large, empty dock where the touchpad would normally be. It’s exactly the right size to drop in a Razer Phone, the recently released high-end 5.7 devices that have gotten excellent reviews, especially for its smooth 120Hz screen. From there, you can use the phone screen as a touchpad, or as a second screen.

Unlike other projects of Razer, it’s also abandoned. But I was really waiting for this prototype to come in reality. The close alternative of Linda is Samsung dex, which is still a good deal.


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